I made the best of last month’s torrential downpours to go with my brother to explore the Whitney museum on the Upper East Side. I had never been to the Whitney before, so I was glad to be able to check another museum off of my list.

My trip there was educational, but mostly in that it made me realize that I really don’t care for at least 75% of modern art (does this make me a philistine?) This isn’t my first experience with contemporary art; I’ve been to the MOMA, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and the (late?) Rose Art Museum at Brandeis. During each visit, I think I allotted my time as follows:

50%: Trying hard to appreciate the exhibits. Generally Failing.
25%: Shake head; wonder why exhibit x is considered Art. Ask self if I need to take some more art history classes.
25%: Find something novel and somewhat thought provoking., such as this fellow:

Even though I’m a non-artist, I can still appreciate the uplifting and motivational power of going to a place like the Met and seeing paintings form Remington, Homer, etc. They always make me feel glad to be a part of a species that can create something so beautiful. For the most part, I can’t say that my trips to these contemporary art museums have made me feel particularly uplifted or invigorated. Occasionally entertained, but not much more than that.



2 Responses to “Art”

  1. gameguy Says:

    “25%: Find something novel and somewhat thought provoking., such as this fellow:”

    That’s basically what Art is about, that top 25%(or realistically, more like 1%-5%. You realize that Homer, Remington, and the like have been filtered down from hundreds of thousands of paintings over the centuries. What you see at the met is the top .001%.

    Modern art isn’t so filtered, but that’s kind of the joy of it. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon something really special and insightful that it will make your whole day browsing through “juxtapositions” and other cliche crap quite worthwhile.

    • problematicknowledge Says:

      This makes sense — I may just be unwilling to wade through at all, at least at this point.

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