Looking to 2011

Overall, 2010 was a great year. My love and professional lives are the best they’ve ever been. I’ve done more real, substantive work since starting my job in April than I did for the 13 months I spent at my first job out of school, which has been cause for both great stress and significant growth.

Although this happened in the fall of 2009, I also dealt with getting laid off and finding a new job, which to my great luck is much better than my old job. I’m glad to have had this experience earlier in life rather than later.

I discovered Thai Crossing, Belgian beers, and feel very integrated into DC. The Logan/Dupont/U Street area feels more like home than my hometown currently does, and more than Brandeis ever did.

My major regret is not making better use of my funemployment time last winter. I took a great trip to Amsterdam and London, but if I could do it again I would couch surf through Asia for a month or two.

This year I hope to spend more time doing the things that give me the greatest joy–fly fishing, golfing, reading, and writing. I’ve neglected most of those over the past year due to the rigors of my new job. I don’t have any major travels in the works other than a few trips to NYC, one to Boston, and possibly some time in Chicago. I’m going to need to shore up my personal balance sheet this year if I want to take a big international trip next year.

Here are some new year’s eve 2010 pics:


Times Square, 3pm.

I love Japanese desserts.

Ringing in the New Year at a house party in Bushwick/Ridgewood.

Fireworks in Ridgewood/Bushwick, ~1:00am.

On the westbound hipster express back to Manhattan.

New Year's day, West Village, looking uptown.



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